Cloud-Based Production, Editing and Distribution for Live Videos.

  • Global Access & Cloud
  • Multi Channel Social & OTT Syndication
  • Live Editing & Production

Capture Everything

Ingest content from any professional camera, digital device, smart phone and encoder.

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Capture Everything

Access your multi-camera, cloud based production facility globally. Switch streams, add graphics and insert highlights in real-time.

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Produce Globally

Access your content and broadcast live from anywhere using a web browser. Collaborate globally and broadcast instantaneously.

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Broadcast Anywhere

Broadcast premium-quality, live streams to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, OTT and streaming platforms.

Cloud-Based Platform for Content Aggregation, Editing, Production, Distribution and Monetization

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Multi-Source Media Ingest
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Quick & Easy Live Editing
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Digital Channel & Social Publish
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Content & Viewer Monetization & Engagement

Cloud-Based & Headache Free.

Alyve’s SaaS platform is designed to help digital teams maximize their resources, with no additional software or hardware to utilize its browser-based tools.

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The Next Iteration of Cloud Based Video Production & Distribution

Aggregate unlimited concurrent live inputs and feeds from any mobile, online or professional camera. Distribute simultaneously to unlimited traditional broadcast destinations, online and social outlets.

Empower Your Digital Teams

Fully interoperable (including complete integration options) with GV Stratus and GV I/O, GV Alyve is a single cloud platform that aggregates media from global teams, inputs and sources and publishes them to social platforms and broadcasting outputs.

Laptop showing GV Alyve user interface
Laptop showing GV Alyve user interface
Laptop showing GV Alyve user interface
Laptop showing GV Alyve user interface

Reach, Engage & Monetize

Increase engagement, elevate viewership and extend reach through GV Alyve and our paired mobile broadcasting app, Stryker, across a wide variety of media or broadcasting events.

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American football game
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Business event

Get In Touch

Have questions? Reach out, we’ll be glad to help you become apart of new breed of digital broadcasters.


Why Choose Grass Valley?

Grass Valley’s end-to-end ecosystem of reliable, open standards-based solutions helps content creators, broadcasters and media organizations to produce brilliant content and build successful media businesses.

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    Award-winning technology

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    Open standards based

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    Trusted partner to biggest names in media

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    60 years of experience

Our award-winning technology and trusted industry expertise empower our customers to create captivating experiences that connect people anywhere, on any device, through the magic of media.

As the industry’s R&D powerhouse, with the most comprehensive suite of solutions for compelling live content, we are the trusted partner to many of the biggest and most creative names in the media and entertainment business.

We help our customers transition to IP and cloud-based infrastructures to enable flexible, scalable and smart workflows. Our advanced solutions enable the production of rich, high quality content that brings the viewer closer to the action; engages them with the story and connects them with each other.

Headquartered in Montreal, Grass Valley has been in the broadcast business for 60 years and is part of St. Louis-based Belden Inc. For more information, visit

Some of our partners and clients

  • ABS Group
  • Maori Television
  • ytv
  • MTV
  • Urumqi TV
  • NEP
  • Sky
  • Al Jazeera
  • BBC
  • 21st Century Fox
  • Asian Games
  • CNBC